Massimo Iosa Ghini

Iosa Ghini’s stylistic hallmark is expressed through the sculptural graphism that characterises his work.

MASSIMO IOSA GHINI (Bologna,1959) participated in the Eighties in the innovative activities of the design avantgarde, founding the cultural movement of Bolidismo and participating in the Memphis group of Ettore Sottsass.He is considered one of the most prominent Italian architects and designers on the international design scene.

In 1990 he opened the studio Iosa Ghini Associates, which now operates in Milan, Bologna, and Miami, developing projects for large groups and international developers and designing residential, commercial and museum architectural spaces, cultural installations, areas and facilities dedicated to public transport, and retail projects for international groups.

In 2013 Triennale di Milano dedicated a solo - exhibition to his work “From the beginnings to the sustainable present”. In 2015, the retail concept Kiko Milano, won the Best Retail Global Expansion award at MAPIC 2014. Massimo Iosa Ghini, appointed Ambassador of Italian Design and Red Dot Network, Active Member of Leonardo Committee and Effective Member of the Accademia Clementina, received the Marconi Award for Creativity in 2015

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Massimo Iosa Ghini