Thanks to their excellent thermal performance and large surface areas, Caleido’s radiators and towel warmers are particularly suitable for installation and operation with both low temperature latest-generation heating systems and with high thermal insulation systems with the goal of improving energy efficiency. Caleido products stand out as the best heating system solution thanks to their low thermal inertia and their ability to exchange high percentages of heat through radiation, providing a great deal of flexibility in managing the ideal climate. In addition, the gradual release of heat continues when the system is switched off, which creates an atmosphere of well-being and maintains warmth over a long time. 

Caleido Tec 03

All products are tested to work to different Delta T rates, and are capable of high performance levels in any case (reaching maximum performance in the case of triple radiators), even with low temperature heating systems, with obvious cost savings in terms of fuel consumption and reduction in environmental impact, ensuring flawless compatibility with condensation heat pumps and generators, thus integrating with the most modern heating system solutions aimed at reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Caleido Tec 01