The 3D – BIM and product digitisation

The BIM is the design standard of the future, a future that we, at Caleido, are eager to help outline together with the major players in the construction industry.

Caleido Bim News

In line with new requirements in the industry, the new Caleido BIM catalogue arises from the company’s need to provide designers with correct, complete and updated information, so as to enable them to make the most of these 3D models, especially in large projects.

Being linked directly to the Caleido database, the user has always the certainty of using only verified and approved 3D-BIM models: the files have been created to encompass all the product variants in one family. In this way, the designer only needs to edit the dimensional values, the number of radiator elements or even the colour as required, to view the output values recalculated automatically.

Caleido offers the designer an additional guarantee by providing basic design requirements in accordance with reference standards.

To download the 3D-BIMs, click on the download section of our website