Ceasar is Caleido's first brass radiator, which - while retaining its precious vintage touch - is enriched with an exceptional design, rich in high-tech contemporary details that guarantee excellent efficiency, reducing energy consumption.

Caleidoscopio Caesar Wxl

A radiator appreciated for its modularity, which allows its almost infinite development. Featuring classic and sophisticated lines, it blends a distinctly retro flavour with the functional and qualitative values of a Caleido product. Elegantly embellished with fine finishes such as chrome-plated or satin-finish silver, bronze, gold, titanium grey and copper which enhance its style, interpreting full and sumptuous beauty. Water and energy efficiency, protection of health and reduction of indoor pollution: these are the areas addressed by Caleido with Caesar, which also boasts permeability to highly corrosive water and certified resistance to high pressures.

Caleidoscopio Caesar Shm

Caesar Colonna - also available in an electric version - achieving ultimate simplicity while retaining the precise character of its style. The pure vertical element, made of brass, fits easily into any setting, enhancing both practicality and decorative strength. The range also comprises Caesar Elec, Caesar Elec Easy and Caesar Short Elec Dry Easy. Each of these variants ensures warmth and comfort, offering maximum energy savings while complying with ecodesign regulations.

Caleidoscopio Caesar Sh