Design by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti for Caleido, Pentagramma is the new radiator that revolutionises the harmony of the space we live in.

A new gesture, a harmonious revolution of shapes and lines, creating an unprecedented freedom of composition: Pentagramma, design by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti, is the new radiator which resonates with strength and simplicity to meet all kinds of requirements; from residential projects to the hotel industry.

Caleidoscopio Pentagramma Wxl

The radiator is made up of horizontal positioned rectangular tubes welded onto two invisible uprights. The freely positionable accessories are fitted on the base lines and in the spaces between them, just like notes on a pentagram. The design allows the freedom to add, remove or shift exclusive accessories such as shelves, knobs and towel rails, without changing the radiator structure.

Pentagramma, design by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti, is available in hydraulic, electric or dual versions and possesses a strong furnishing and functional capacity. The horizontal rectangular elements lend minimal elegance and a contemporary feel to the element, the profound genesis of which subverts the dogmas of this type of product.

Caleidoscopio Pentagramma Shmix