Caleido introduces Brasilia: the latest stylish radiator by Massimo Iosa Ghini.

Brasilia is the latest model in Caleido's design radiator collection, and is a clear sculptural representation of ongoing interaction between light and shade, with its alternating extruded profiles in aluminium, redefining the pleasure of contemporary indoor living

Caleidoscopio Brasilia W0

The sculptured design of Brasilia bears the stylistic hallmark of the architect Iosa Ghini, who has bestowed the new radiator with dynamically alternating profiles and shapes. As the protagonist of any setting, the stunning new Brasilia radiator enables the combination of various elements that create diverse configurations that are functional in terms of heating capability, and aesthetically appealing.

Mostly made of aluminium and recyclable at the end of its lifetime, Brasilia functions as an open-style towel holder and a vertical, single or double clothes hook, and has a horizontal ring incorporated into the frame, making the radiator multi-purpose and creating the right balance between decoration and practicality to enhance any room or setting.

Caleidoscopio Brasilia Xs