Parenthesis, design by Marco Piva for Caleido, received the iF Design Award 2022.

The new modular radiator, which fits harmoniously into the contemporary living scenario, has been honoured at the latest iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the world's most renowned design awards, synonymous with quality and excellence.

Caleidoscopio Ifdesign W0

Parenthesis excelled in the 'Building Technology' category out of 11,000 entries from 57 different countries and was awarded by a jury of 132 high-profile design experts from around the world.

Caleidoscopio Ifdesign S1

Reminiscent of the shape of a parenthesis, the item evokes the idea of movement in its essential yet dynamic form, with sinuous and refined lines in between which a series of accessories can be inserted, making the product extremely versatile.

Caleidoscopio Ifdesign S0