DEMO. A courageous idea. The permanent showroom is hotel-based.

An accommodation concept that combines originality, style and technology - this is the aim of DEMO, which has chosen Caleido as one of its partners to revive an unprecedented direction of growth in the world of contract design dedicated to the hotel trade.

An eclectic space that brings together different design vibes, including a range of exclusive Caleido products, symbolising connection and uniqueness.

Starting with the renovation of a disused local guest house, the project involved ten architecture firms called to redesign spaces of what will become a hospitality test hub, each with its own inspiration and idea of hospitality.

Caleidoscopio Demo W1

The project is also an example of how to regenerate old premises that were the backbone of the Rimini tourist industry, but which now need to be revamped in order to be competitive.

This is a unique experience offered nowhere else in Italy, which aims to make the destination appealing and to ensure that a stay in the facility is an amazing, exciting experience, thanks to its originality.

Caleidoscopio Demo S