Calvi-Brambilla firm chooses Caleido for an ambitious new interior.

The renowned Calvi-Brambilla firm chooses Caleido for an ambitious new interior renovation project.

Caleidoscopio Calvi Brambilla W

In the heart of Milan, just a stone's throw from Piazza Cadorna, the new project developed by Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla involves updating a historic flat dating back to 1912 in a post-modern and contemporary key. The salient points of the operation lie in the organic nature of the shapes, in the brightness of the spaces and, in general, in the lightness of a structural intervention so integrated into the original design as to be almost imperceptible.

Caleidoscopio Calvi Brambilla O01

The references to the Milan belle époque style harmonise with stylistic choices all aimed at comfort, transparency and the liveability of spaces, obtained also thanks to the decision to opt for a total white look, consisting of various shades of white.

In this context, the twin Ottolungo columns, designed by the firm of architects Gabriele & Oscar Buratti, find an almost natural collocation in the living area, where they act as a counterpoint to the rounded jambs of the entrance doorway, rigorously without a door. It is here that the ability of the radiating element to transcend its function and become all one with the architecture that accommodates it is manifested in a sculptural way: an element on which the eye does not stumble, but which accompanies it in the exploration of space.