Caleido is celebrating its 30 years in business by recounting, through a gallery of video portraits, the vision of the international designers with whom it has cooperated and the production processes that have made the company a symbol of Italian excellence.

Caleidoscopio Portraits Xl

The aim has always been to go beyond the conception of the radiator as a simple heating component, and to transform it into an accent piece in the creation of interior design.

Treasuring the artisanal heritage of a land traditionally versed in metalworking, Caleido transfigures the hardness of the original material to give life to a product that is not limited to its primary purpose, but becomes a meeting point for functionality and aesthetics, involving the senses in the definition of a new idea of well-being through heat.

While awaiting the on-line publication of the ''Caleido Portraits'' series on social and web platforms, the preview trailer will be presented in the prestigious setting of CERSAIE.