Caesar by Caleido for “Queen of Hearts”

The Del Monaco Lorenzoni creative agency chooses Caesar by Caleido for “Queen of Hearts”.

Caleidoscopio Reginadicuori W

Inspired by Lewis Carrol’s character of the same name, the “Queen of Hearts” project by Marina Del Monaco and Paola Lorenzoni creates a space designed for a modern, educated and independent woman. It consists of a large bathroom connected directly to the bedroom, in which the transition is accompanied by the use of wallpaper, also applied to the ceiling, to emphasise the dreamlike ambience of a dark and mesmerising garden. An intimate setting that aims to create something more than a relaxing space: a sense of deep, perceptive well-being created around the client.

Caleidoscopio Reginadicuori V01

The Caesar by Caleido towel warmer fits beautifully into the design with the sober elegance of its modular brass structure (because the tactile sensation of the material helps the body relax), available in a variety of options designed to match other furnishing elements, such as chrome or satin-finish silver, bronze, gold, titanium grey and copper, enhancing its style and interpreting a full and opulent beauty. To guarantee maximum modularity and seamless integration into the decor, Caesar is also available in two additional versions: Column, consisting of a single vertical element, and Short, characterised by the absence of one of the lateral uprights.