On 17 September 2020, the first post Covid-19 meeting of Caleido sales agents was held in the splendid setting of Lake Iseo. The purpose was to inform our Italian sales agents of the new corporate strategies in terms of sales and product presentation, and also introduce a new increasingly wide range of radiators.

Caleido Group's CEO Danilo Rossetti and the entire salesforce headed by Sales Manager Corrado Lucchi took the floor to answer any questions and dispel any doubts.

Caleidoscopio Ra Iseo 2020 Wide

The participants intervened throughout the day to illustrate the numerous products, including the latest novelties, such as the extension of the Ottolungo, 1000 Righe and 100 Righe design collections by the Buratti brothers. Special focus was placed on the new Tower Quadro, Sam radiator designed by Giuseppe Bavuso and the Stilus, the latter now finally in production.

Danilo Rossetti and Corrado Lucchi drew the attention of the salesforce and explained the extensive catalogue and provided detailed descriptions of the novelties and datasheets, with increasingly focus on the important role played by these products in the future world of design and contemporary living.

Caleidoscopio Ra Iseo 2020 Img

The audience showed great interest and we are confident that the path taken will lead the company to increasing success on the domestic market and abroad.

Our thanks go to all the attendees for their attentive participation.