Book, a remarkable project

Book is a remarkable project that has been developed in collaboration with Marco Piva, an architect and designer with a truly subtle touch.

Heat combined with style: this is the ethos of Book, a radiator with an extremely small footprint; it sets itself apart due to its aesthetic style, which plays on clean, simple and linear shapes. As the designer himself points out, “With BOOK I devised a thin sheet, with a slight bend at the ends to lend an air of lightness and plasticity to an element that is historically stiff and heavy - as well as improving its performance, of course”.

Book Bianco Dett

Quella con Marco Piva è una collaborazione avviata già da tempo, nata da varie e differenti opportunità contract, poi maturata e sfociata in un più concreto contributo quando all'Architetto viene chiesto di disegnare un radiatore, un oggetto dal carattere autonomo, dalla forma semplice e riconoscibile per essere personalizzato con finiture particolari. Il Book, appunto.

Piva Cover