Architect@Work Parigi

Caleido took part in the latest edition of Architects@Work Paris, a leading European event dedicated to the world of architecture, held in the prestigious setting of the Grand Hall of La Villette.

Caleidoscopio Awparis Xl

The company released its new general catalogue, enriched with five new colours that broaden a colour palette that embraces the company's “total living” philosophy: electric blue, turquoise, coral, rust and ochre. The key elements are the signature models, Traccia and Raysun, by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, radiators in which the simplicity of the lines and the interplay between hollows and solids epitomise the company's mission: to achieve the ultimate balance between style and comfort. Architects@Work also gave Caleido an opportunity to present Dinamo from the CaleidoLab collection with its modular brass structure, the quintessence of a stylistic research which, by subtracting rather than adding, achieves the utmost purity of line and action.

Caleidoscopio Awparis Sv