Please meet the new piece of Caleido design collection: PARENTHESIS by Marco Piva.

Parenthesis is a new modular radiator that dialogues with the interior environment and integrates harmoniously into the contemporary living scene.

Caleidoscopio Parenthesis 01

Recalling the appearance of a parenthesis, it alludes to the idea of movement in its essential yet dynamic form, with sinuous and refined lines between which a series of accessories can be inserted, making the product completely versatile. It can perform several functions at once, becoming a shelf if positioned horizontally, and with the accessories it becomes a bathroom towel holder and a support for various hangers.

Caleidoscopio Parenthesis 02

Created by extruded aluminum profiles, it combines functionality, design and aesthetics, presenting itself with clean, elegant shapes that mark out dynamic rhythms thanks to the soft curves of its outlines. The modular design allows the object to be calibrated in the space, appearing on the wall either as a single piece or as a combination of several components, allowing the possibility of obtaining layouts and formats tailored to anyone's needs and tastes. The radiant object creates an osmotic relationship with the interior, becoming an integral part of the environment thanks to the most advanced technological systems and the thermal performance of the material used. The concave shapes absorb light while emitting heat, in a combination of sustainable efficiency, comfort and lifestyle.