Klino, Alessandro Canepa

The bio-fireplace, a new formal presence that can blend into any setting. The inclined planes and differences between the materials create dynamism, rhythm and elegance while conjuring up an image of the warmth generated by the fire that brings this creation to life. The concept of the hearth conveys a sense of intimacy and exalts the world of personal items within the home. 

Klino Macro Bw
Klino Ambient Mod
Klino Macro


VERSIONS AVAILABLE: blacK varnish / white varnish / stainless steel
MATERIAL: stainless steel + tempered glass
BURNER: rectangular, 1,6 litres [not available separately]
Hourly consumption: 0.5 l/h / Combustion time: approx. 4 hours
Minimum room size with one bio-fireplace: 25 m²


H 904

L top 460 base 550

Klino F Dimension


H 904

L 573

Klino L Dimension

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